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Things to learn through repetition.

CLI/UI Navigation (vim / tmux / i3)

Vim, tmux and i3 all have similar concepts. You can have multiple things on screen, each can be maximized, and you can also have collections of those things offscreen. This is an over simplification. We're not going to get into things like vim buffers, tmux sessions, and i3 containers. Let's keep it simple.

Tool Things on screen Off screen
vim windows tabs
tmux panes windows
i3 windows workspaces

If I'm in i3, I'm usually local to the machine and don't start tmux sessions. So for me it's either ssh+tmux+vim+entr, or i3+vim+entr.

These are the everyday things I have to do in each:

New Vim Window / tmux Pane / i3 Window
Context Key Action
vim C-w,n New empty window
vim C-w,s Duplicate window below
vim C-w,v Duplicate window on side
tmux Prefix,s New pane below
tmux Prefix,v New pane on side
i3 Mod+d or Enter or g Every app launches into a new window (find mod+g)
Close Window / Pane / Window
Context Key Action
vim C-w,q Quit this window
vim C-w,o Close other windows, leaving only this one.
tmux exit or C-d Terminate the shell to close pane
i3 Close the app its normal way
Resize Window / Pane / Window
Context Key Action
vim C-w,= Make windows equal size
vim C-w,<>+- <,> for width; +,- for height
tmux Prefix,HJKL Change dimension in that direction
tmux Prefix,C-arrow Change dimension in that direction
i3 Mod+r,hjkl Enter resize mode (or drag bar with mouse)
Maximize Window / Pane / Window
Context Key Action
vim Leader,o Maximize only this window in new tab (find <leader>o)
tmux Prefix,z toggle maximize
i3 Mod+f maximize window
Navigate Window, Buffer / Pane / Window
Context Key Action
vim C-w,hjkl Select that window
vim tab Next buffer (in this window) (find <Tab>)
tmux Prefix,hjkl Select that pane
tmux Prefix,tab Next/prev pane, maximized (find Tab)
i3 Mod+hjkl select that window
Swap Window / Pane / Window
Context Key Action
vim C-w,HJKL Move window in that direction
tmux Prefix,{ or } Swap panes
tmux Prefix,space Rotate splits
i3 Mod+HJKL Move window in that direction
New Tab / Window / Workspace
Context Key Action
vim Leader,t,n or :tabnew New tab
tmux Prefix,c Create a new window
i3 Ctrl+Mod+Shift+o Move to first available workspace (find $mod+Shift+Ctrl+o)
Navigate Tab / Window / Workspace
Context Key Action
vim gt or gT Navigate prev or next tab
tmux Prefix,p or n Previous or next window
i3 Ctrl+Mod+ ← or → or h or l Change workspaces


See git for general notes.

fixup and squash for appending fixes to commits you already made.

  • git commit –fixup <commit>: automatically marks your commit as a fix of a previous commit
  • git rebase -i –autosquash: automatically organize merging of these fixup commits and associated normal commits

stash for stashing your local changes away. You can push and pop stashes.



Command Notes
c-p, c-n Autocomplete Previous or Next match, Also navigate completion menu.
c-y, c-e Accept or cancel the autocompletion
c-x,c-], c-x,c-o Autocomplete from tags or from Omnicomplete. Close with c-w,c-z or :pc
Command Notes
c-e Scroll down (text goes up)
zz Scroll current line to center.
c-y Scroll up (text goes down)
Command Notes
[[ Go to previous “{” on first column. (]] goes to next one.)
[{ Go to enclosing “{”
]} Go to enclosing “}”
{ Go to previous blank line
} Go to next blank line
[q, ]q Quickfix window navigation
c-hjkl quick Window navigation
\o Open window in new tab (for quick fullscreen)
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