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Things to learn through repetition.


See git for general notes.

fixup and squash for appending fixes to commits you already made.

  • git commit –fixup <commit>: automatically marks your commit as a fix of a previous commit
  • git rebase -i –autosquash: automatically organize merging of these fixup commits and associated normal commits

stash for stashing your local changes away. You can push and pop stashes.



Command Notes
c-p, c-n Autocomplete Previous or Next match, Also navigate completion menu.
c-y, c-e Accept or cancel the autocompletion
c-x,c-], c-x,c-o Autocomplete from tags or from Omnicomplete. Close with c-w,c-z or :pc
Command Notes
c-e Scroll down (text goes up)
zz Scroll current line to center.
c-y Scroll up (text goes down)
Command Notes
[[ Go to previous “{” on first column. (]] goes to next one.)
[{ Go to enclosing “{”
]} Go to enclosing “}”
{ Go to previous blank line
} Go to next blank line
[q, ]q Quickfix window navigation
c-hjkl quick Window navigation
\w Vertical split and switch window
\o Open window in new tab (for quick fullscreen)
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