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To Do

Slightly bigger:

  • Learn about Bootstrap.
  • Learn about dropbox-js.
  • Install a FreeNAS server. (Mike mentioned old Infrant ReadyNAS and QNAP.)
  • Blog about the dream on vacation: “You are not wanted here. Go away.” Mention favorite songs? Peaches? Rest for Wicked? Or maybe, “The cameras want to see it.”
  • Russell Beattie did an Amazon talk on HTML5 Mobile Apps. See the source code here.
  • Ted is using Angular instead of jQuery. “It's incredible. We love it. We've been slaving away with jQuery / Backbone for a long time before switching.”

Location Service

Need to compare Geoloqi vs. OpenPaths. An interesting iPhone app is Abvio. (Example map.)

  • Optimize writes. (Maybe copy original file, then open copy with w+?)


Back Burner

OpenTape and MuxScrobbler

  • Ayu\(miss)understood\16 rainy day.mp3 ←- tags are all wrong for this song.
  • Songs not playing - symbolic link problem vs. file copying
  • OpenTape data is encrypted.
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