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This is a page of more long-term projects.
Stuff that I'm currently working on would be either at the To Do page or at one of my task list accounts. Let's see that in a hierarchy for visual emphasis:

Projects projects:start
Potential Projects Potential Projects
Tasks To Do
Work task list

The chart below is roughly sorted in descending order of feature importance.

Color Codes
No Activity
At Risk
Some Risk
Project Updated Condition
Landing Page 03-15-2010
IMDB.dlma 03-15-2010
OpenTape and MuxScrobbler 03-15-2010
Not yet started.
PyChallenge 09-08-2006
No activity for months.
FeedMaker 19-09-2006 Completed.

Backup Script

I'm using rsync as per this: Backup Page.

MineHunt UI

And then there's a vague idea somewhere, to update the minehunt screensaver with more geeky info. Something along the lines of ensuring that whenever there's a next move waiting in the queue, ensure that the closest one to the current position is chosen…

Python Challenge

Must… keep… making… progress…


Need to learn how to arbitrarily order items in SQL. (When inserting?)

Investigate Google Web Toolkit for Ajax (vs. Prototype)

Drag-and-Drop: Investigate Chapter 15 of Ajax Design Patterns.

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