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Potential Projects

This is sort of a staging ground for future projects. It was ported from the Google Wave page, “David's Potential Projects”

Short Projects to Learn Things

QR Code Business Card

One side: MECARD data for Contact list entry, along with simple text, Helvetica if possible.
Other side: (Faded) Website code or other cookie. (Make available for writing on.)




Figure out the best tradeoff between:

  • Small QR Code. (Can optimize by basing contact info off of, like
  • Enough information
  • Not too much information


On the front of the business card. (And somewhere in my iPhone, for easy contact transfer to another smart phone.) This is an unaltered code that contains my real personal information. Please don't distribute. It's bigger (more dots) than I like, but it had to be this big to include the website, too. But I think including the website is important.

On the back of the business card, I'll either put this code or the one below. This was a QR Code that had enough error correction in the middle for me to color in some white dots around the “face” in the middle, bringing it out. The face is no longer signal, though, and it could be colored out, too, and replaced with anything. I don't know if I want to include a manipulated QR Code like this, or not. It's neat because the face draws attention to it, but is it worth “cheating” and losing the benefit of some of the error correction?


And this is the most minimal code that can exist and point to me. It points to . I should make that landing page more useful, especially if I chose this code for the back.

Statistics Pages


Awesome Visual Displays of Quantative Information

Raw Data and Inspiration



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