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Zeitgeist Zeitcode

The following is the closest thing I have to Jim Flanagan's module.

file purpose Jim's original module with newer search engine evaluation.
searchengines.txt Source file of engines the module recognises. Referrers the engine thinks might be searches.


Jim's Original Instructions are still valid.

What I did was extend the module to take in a file searchengines.txt that contains a list of known search engines. In the XML or HTML output, it includes only results from the specified referers. also increments a counter in searchengines.txt associated with each referer it found, as a way of distinguishing active referers from obsolete ones.

Finally, it writes a new file,, with suggestions for new referers that might be from search engines. This file is meant to be reviewed by a human, and for certain referers to be manually added to searchengines.txt.

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