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Some things I love about my work

  • Short commute between work and house (10 min).
  • Shout commute between work and climbing gym (5 min).
  • Reasonable, flexible hours.
  • Big monitors. Lots of ergonomic keyboards.
  • Respect, managing own project.
  • Fair money.
  • Friends at work.
  • Devstudio's AddIn features. (My ToggleFile, UnitTest addins, etc.)
  • Search buffer vs. Copy buffer. (Ctrl+H vs. Ctrl+C)
  • Context menus, autofill, etc.

Some things I don't love about my work

  • What happened to stock options? Bonuses?
  • Look-and-feel of Vista
  • Company treatment of division.
  • Company treatment of self. (Lost stock during transition.)
  • Microsoft's newfound distrust of developers.
  • Only MacOS gets the notifier for Google Reader.

To do:

  • Get pulse of product via friends.
  • Get pulse of both company.
  • Make a brag page.
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