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Computer Camp


From March 3rd 2007 through March ?th 2007, Trippy visits Silicon Valley for Computer Camp. (Photo journal at flickr.)

Note: Companies hate impromptu visits from photographers. Every one of these excursions turned into an escape from security forces.


(Photos to be submitted to flickr later…)

Monday March 5, 2007


Trippy attempted an impromptu visit with Clarus. Sadly nobody at Apple knows where Clarus went. Few knew who Clarus even was. David cried. Trippy was escorted out of the building by security.

Packard's Garage

The birthplace of Silicon Valley is a wonderfully quaint little garage on a charming little street. Miracles can happen anywhere.

Wednesday March 7, 2007


On Computer Camp's second excursion day, we visited Google and Yahoo.

Note, Google can't map Yahoo's address. (Even though they're like two miles apart. Sheesh.))

Google is everything they said it was. Utopia! Not only that, they brought in a family member for Trippy, to make him feel even more welcome. After the reunion, Trippy enjoyed a nice swim. This was Trippy's favorite visit.


Poor Yahoo. Nothing could follow Google. Yahoo is right next to a top secret Lockheed Martin facility, where they flew UFOs around for Trippy. But Trippy just watched it all with a glazed expression. He was unmoved.

Tentatively Planned

  • Xerox Parc (probably not)
  • Intel (probably not)
  • nVidia
  • Faultline or
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