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Notes from PyCon 2013

@pydanny: #pycon pro-tip: Show up to @raymondh or @jacobian or @roguelynn's talks early!

Speaker Decks: PyCon Slides

Books for Kids

swiftstack Challenge

Given an ASCII string X, take the len(X) most significant bits of the md5 hash digest of that string. Treat those bits as an unsigned int, and append its base16 representation to “”. Do it for “pycon2013.”

Hmm, something like this works:

>>> s = "pycon2013"
>>> hex( int( bin( int( hashlib.md5( s ).hexdigest(), 16 ) )[2:len(s)+2], 2 ) )[2:]

TODO: Challenge

Disney - Optimizing

David Schachter presented a talk on program optimization.
His slides are available, too.

There's an interesting slide where he forces a miss on the L1 cache to unblock threads when he's filling up an array, by not accessing sequential addresses.

x[1] = ...
x[5] = ...
x[10] = ...
x[2] = ...
x[6] = ...
x[11] = ...

New Relic - Managing Python App Performance

Instrument Django apps with New Relic. He ran us through some katas.
They love postgression for PostgreSQL testing. It makes temporary databases. looks interesting. Should look into that.

Recommended book: Two Scoops of Django has a link to instrumented Python packages.

Promocode: pycon13, free T-shirt

Google talk (3 parts)

1. User / Application Identity

Adam Eidenberg spoke. They say they're going to post a link somewhere.

# Create a project
# More stuff...

2. Google Developers: Discovery API

Lightning Talks


PyCharm is a Python IDE.
Compare against Wing IDE.

Mark Ransom

NASberryPi speaker got it working on a Pogo plug.

uPNP Media Server (minidlna)

Uses OpenVPN client for torrent to the house from cloud.

OpenVPN and Transmission

Uses a

NES Javascript Guto Maia


PyWeek challenge

April 14-21 used for game development

Don't Make People Watch You Type

import code module, interactiveconsole

Job Security

“How do I write unmainainable code?” Bad names.
Monkey Patching
import magic
math.sin, math.cos = math.cos, math.sin

KHAN Academy

KA Lite runs on a RaspBerry Pi

Started with Django, standard web server… trimmed it down to pure python,
cherrypy, etc.

Offline Commons (release content such that peer-to-peer is allowed.)


5K Run

John Hunter Memorial fund

Raymond Hettinger @raymondh

What makes Python awesome?

whoami id -un

Python is a big box of LEGOs.
(That was referring to iterables as built in to the language.)

Generators and the yield statement.
formfeed example. Find it. “Winning Language Features:”

Checkout twisted's inline deferred, @inline_deferred

Check out itty

from itty import get, post, run_itty

def xxx():
with ignore(OSError):

Keynote 1

Over 2500 attendees
PyCon is more than 20% Women
Python got to keep the name in the EU.

Preview of the new

Guido's Keynote

Async IO. Issue came up in PythonIdeas mail list.

People often solve this problem with threads.

Raspberry Pi Quick Notes

User: pi
Password: raspberry

$ startx
$ raspi-config
$ sudo shutdown -h now
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