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Home Repair

Notes about our home repairs. Main document is a Google Docs: Household Repairs.

Master Bathroom

The master bathroom and downstairs bathroom use Price Pfister 7G-1H and 7G-1C water faucets.

Tips for Removing/Installing

Turn off water below the faucet. (Of course! But also so you can do the next part.) Then open the tap when you unscrew the step. A closed tap seems to create a vacuum or hydraulic counter pressure.

Leaks at the handle

The bigger O-Ring is Danco's #30 (AS568B# 018). It's 7/8" OD x 3/4" ID x 1/16". (But their #40 is very close at 3/4 in. OD x 5/8 in. ID x 1/16 in.)

The inner O-Ring is Danco's #8 (AS568B# 110). It's 9/16" OD x 3/8" ID x 3/32".

Leak at the faucet

A leak at the faucet is probably caused by the seat washer. The Danco 80359 (fits 3H-8H/C) seems to work.

Water Heater

We used Bay Area Water Heaters in March 2023. Bradford White. 6-year Warranty. Model URG150T6N, Serial YE49862531.

Kitchen Faucet Installation

We went with United Plumbing based on their good reviews.

  • Call (408) 763-5199. (Note, got texts from 408-413-0033 which said to text 855-642-6647 instead.)
  • Erik Konor did the installation on 2023-04-29
    • Didn't speak English well. Spoke Kazakh (from Kazakhstan)
    • Didn't know what a dish washer's Air Gap was.

Red Flags

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