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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

As an experiment, I started a Lightsail instance before attending Chalice Workshop to learn about Python Chalice.

While I did add a nameserver entry for “” that pointed to the instance running, I didn't create a service to keep updating it as a dynamic IP address would need because Amazon won't change the IP address unless I stop and restart the service.


git clone ssh://
cd dotfiles/
./ -n
cd ..

cat /etc/*-release
sudo apt-get install exuberant-ctags  # vim expects ctags

cd .ssh
vim authorized_keys
cd ..

cd htdocs
rm index.html.*
git clone ssh://
# Configure secret
# Discover that there's a permissions mismatch between PHP service and filesystem.
vim phpinfo.php  # to get PHP's user and group. No need for echo 'whoami = '.`whoami`;

sudo chown bitnami:daemon store.db  # But ended up being daemon:daemon.

I also made this note to myself about testing SQLite

$ cat README.txt
$ sqlite3 store.db
sqlite> SELECT strftime('%s','now');
sqlite> insert or replace into keys values("php", "no sqlite write", COALESCE((SELECT created FROM keys WHERE k ="php"), strftime('%s', 'now')), strftime('%s', 'now'), "");
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