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Anime Themes

Fresh Air



Round out some omissions

  • Couple more RHCP songs you've liked. What are they?
  • Make page of music to listen to: American Idiot, more Radiohead, etc.
  • Maybe add Christina Perri's “Jar of Hearts”
  • You liked Regina Spektor's interview on NPR's Fresh Air.

Other Notes

Checking the quality

The April 2011 GQ

Group Movie Rating
The Chemical Brothers Hanna Best Chemical Bros. album in a decade!
Daft Punk Tron Very boilerplate for them.
Beck, Nigel Godrich Scott Pilgrim Pissy garage rock that sounds as if it took minutes to write. Any longer and it've sucked.
Trent Reznor The Social Network Creeping, crawling sonics that remain as distant as Zuckerberg's stare.
James Murphy Greenberg Restrained set of indie pop.

The John Zorn CD you can't find? “New Traditions in East Asian Bar Bands”

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