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Trippy: An Introduction and Overview

  • Trippy is Pastilla the Mannequin's world-traveling emotionally disturbed plastic lizard. He is a 9-inch squeaking Chinese vinyl reptile (modeled after the Sungazer (Cordylus giganteus) species). He first appeared in public-access Flickr sets taken by Flickr user “trupastilla” (real name Pastilla LaMannequine) in June 2006. Photos were often cross-posted by LaMannequine on her LiveJournal account, “Pastilla.” Though not the first of the “nasty California redneck” characters that Pastilla LaMannequine has described from Humboldt County, California, Trippy is perhaps the most likeable of her photo subjects.


Early years

Little is known of Trippy prior to June, 2006.

Trippy was almost run over by Pastilla on June 17, 2006 outside a Starbucks coffee shop in Myrtletown, CA. Relating to his sad, plastic, neurotic and borderline suicidal state, she resolved to adopt him and teach him of the kindness of the world.

According to Pastilla's press agent, the rehabilitation plan for Trippy came during a venti no-fat, no-water, extra hot chai and an orange currant scone. The story is questionable, however, since orange currant scones weren't available at Starbucks until September 2006. Also, Pastilla's standard story that the lizard was at one time real is also questionable, as Pastilla LaMannequine also claims that she has, at times, been real herself, when she is quite clearly an inanimate object.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Highlight to read.)

Trippy never improves.

Spoiler ends here.

Trippy is truly a deranged-looking lizard. His mouth is always open, and his tongue perpetually curls in different directions. One leg is shorter than the others, so he appears to travel through life on a dangerously insane tilt.

First Adventure

Pastilla took Trippy to the Humboldt Natural History Museum (Arcata, CA), where he was identified by a competent young museum worker as “some kind of spiny lizard.” Later that day, he attacked a dachshund, allegedly because the dog wore pink nail polish and a diamond collar.

Later Adventures

Travel Summary


  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • China
  • Costa Rica
  • Japan
  • Spain
  • United States of America

Provinces & States (North America)

  • British Columbia (CN)
  • Alaska (US)
  • Arizona (US)
  • California (US)
  • Colorado (US)
  • Hawaii (US)
  • Maryland (US)
  • Massachusetts (US)
  • New Mexico (US)
  • Oregon (US)
  • Utah (US)
  • Washington (US)
  • Washington, D.C. (US)

Television era

Trippy Sees a Man on the Wing, by davidd.

Abrupt Flight and Relocation

In late December 2009 Trippy abruptly fled Humboldt County, California, USA. Unreliable bleary-eyed witless testimony suggests that as of early 2010 Trippy had taken up residence in a remote location on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Anecdotal evidence, to date unconfirmed, suggests Trippy may have previously spent time in this region during the American military presence in southeast Asia (1959 - 1975).

The Groves of Academe

As of mid-2014, Trippy is serving in an administrative advisory capacity at a major technology university in Ontario, Canada.

"The Trippy Song"

Trippy has no theme song. And he’s bloody annoyed about it.

Fine Art Depictions of Trippy

Other media

  • Unfortunate Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloon Incident (Need citation)

Video games


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