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 Log out of that console window and log back in again. Log out of that console window and log back in again.
 +==== tmux and "tmux-256color" ====
 +We set tmux to set $TERM to "tmux" so that neovim's highlight can include italics. And we bump it to "tmux-256color" so that VisiData can make use of all its colors. (Dot plot AirPassengers.csv but don't set the month column to any format.)
 +VisiData will complain it "could not find terminfo database". So we [[|manually use the one provided by a tmux developer]]...
 +  curl -O ""
 +  sudo tic -x tmux-256color
 +That should install the database into /usr/share/terminfo
 ===== Tips ===== ===== Tips =====
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