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 +====== Formatting Tips ======
 +One thing that bugs me about dokuwiki is the lack of support for multi-line list items.  A hack around this, on my wiki, is to include ''<html><br /></html>'' tags.  Like so:
 +  * This is the first item, which only has one line.
 +  * This is the second item, which has two lines.<html><br /></html>And this would be the second line of the second item.
 +    * This is a sub item of the second item.<html><br /></html>This is the second line of the sub item.
 +  * This is the third item.
 +Also, I seem to have removed too many clear attributes in my modifications of the css.  Where you think you may need one, you can use ''<div style="clear:both;"></div>''.
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