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To Do

Bite sized tasks:

  • Publish the Netflix email to RSS-feed script
  • Update the template scripts to use Python's with statement.
  • Do the thing with the file most_frequently_used_words_5000_from_www.wordfrequency.info.txt
  • Transition from API Key to OAuth for Google+ and maybe Google Maps
  • Make techcrunch.dlma.com also show some content in the RSS feed

Slightly bigger:

  • Borrow that left-hand-side title trick from Steve Losh.
  • Install a FreeNAS server. (Mike mentioned old Infrant ReadyNAS and QNAP.)
  • Blog about the dream on vacation: "You are not wanted here. Go away." Mention favorite songs? Peaches? Rest for Wicked? Or maybe, "The cameras want to see it."

Location Service

Need to compare Geoloqi vs. OpenPaths. An interesting iPhone app is Abvio. (Example map.)

  • Optimize writes. (Maybe copy original file, then open copy with w+?)

Exit Strategies

  • Maybe migrate delicious to pinboard
  • Maybe migrate from flickr to picasaweb or smugmug or http://23hq.com/
  • Archive LiveJournal posts
    • You have one backup made from ljArchive-0.9.7.exe, at livejournal_no_comments.lja, because it can't do comments anymore due to API changes at LiveJournal.
    • You have another backup (with comments) made by jbackup.pl over in the cygwin $HOME directory, dblume.jbak. Note that you couldn't use Mark Pasc's jbackup because you couldn't get the Perl module DB_File to load correctly in cygwin. Use the –dump argument to export.


Back Burner

  • Upload mentos+soda video
  • Upload fraps video of Minecraft worlds
  • Add Python cronjob daemon template to cloud9
  • Visualizations: Check out that awesome HTML5 visualization from colleague.
  • imdb.dlma.com: Consider replacing imdbphp with imdbpy.
  • Investigate Awesome Notes and Instapaper and Taskpaper.
  • Mobile Dokuwiki: See if I can disable plugin sidebarng based on the value of $INFO['ismobile'], and make other mobile stylesheet customizations.
  • Keep reading Dive into HTML5

OpenTape and MuxScrobbler

  • Ayu\(miss)understood\16 rainy day.mp3 ←- tags are all wrong for this song.
  • Songs not playing - symbolic link problem vs. file copying
  • OpenTape data is encrypted.
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