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To Do

  • Add triggers to the secure site (redirected).
  • There are missing public plurks at the lifestream. Get them from data in the plurk subdirectory.
  • Finish the dead-man's switch
  • Make http://david.dlma.com articles look OK in IE too.
  • Upload mentos+soda video
  • Upload fraps video of Minecraft worlds

Exit Strategies

  • Maybe migrate delicious to pinboard
  • Maybe migrate from flickr to picasaweb or smugmug or http://23hq.com/
  • Archive livejournal posts

Maybe use https://www.greplin.com/ to search them all?


Back Burner

  • Visualizations: Check out that awesome HTML5 visualization from colleague.
  • imdb.dlma.com: Consider replacing imdbphp with imdbpy.
  • Investigate Awesome Notes and Instapaper and Taskpaper.
  • Mobile Dokuwiki: See if I can disable plugin sidebarng based on the value of $INFO['ismobile'], and make other mobile stylesheet customizations.
  • Keep reading Dive into HTML5

OpenTape and MuxScrobbler

  • Ayu\(miss)understood\16 rainy day.mp3 ←- tags are all wrong for this song.
  • Songs not playing - symbolic link problem vs. file copying
  • OpenTape data is encrypted.
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