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 ====== Renaming branches ====== ====== Renaming branches ======
-To rename a remote branch (where "origin" is the name of the remote repo):+To rename a remote branch:
   - Rename the local one.   - Rename the local one.
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 </code> </code>
-Now I should see "remotes/origin/roku_dev" gone, and "remotes/origin/SDK_4.2.P2_Roku" appear. 
-I still have local branch called "roku_devand it's set to track  &quot;remotes/origin/roku_dev&quot;.  Since &quot;remotes/origin/roku_dev&quotis no longer there, if I try &quot;git pull&quoton that branch it will say remote reference doesn't exist.+==== Creating a branch (and possibly pushing to upstream origin) ==== 
 +  $ git checkout -b new_branch 
 +  Switched to a new branch 'new_branch' 
 +That was the same as "''git branch new_branch; git checkout new_branch''" 
 +And now if you want to create that branch name at the remote branch, then: 
 +  $ git push --set-upstream origin new_branch 
 +==== Changing a local branch to a new remote branch ==== 
 +This'll work if you don't have a local branch with that name already. 
 +$ git checkout --track origin/branch_name 
 +==== Making the current local branch track a new remote branch ==== 
 +git branch -u origin/branch_name 
-Since I don't have any changes on that local branch that I haven't pushed up to the server before the name change, I can safely delete this local branch, and create a new local branch from "remotes/origin/SDK_4.2.P2_Roku". 
 ====== git at dlma.com ====== ====== git at dlma.com ======
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 testcode$ git commit -m "first commit" testcode$ git commit -m "first commit"
 ... ...
-testcode$ git remote add origin ssh://dblume@dlma.com/~/git/testcode.git+testcode$ git remote add origin ssh://USERNAME@dlma.com/~/git/testcode.git
 testcode$ git push origin master testcode$ git push origin master
 </code> </code>
-I could use gitweb or [[https://github.com/klaussilveira/gitlist|gitlist]] at http://git.dlma.com.+I could've use gitweb but I used GitHub-like [[https://github.com/klaussilveira/gitlist|gitlist]] at http://git.dlma.com.
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